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DotNetAge CMS 3.1 (ASP.NET MVC)

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Released: Dec 10, 2013
Updated: Dec 10, 2013 by csharp2002
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Source Code DotNetAge full source
source code, 14032K, uploaded Dec 10, 2013 - 4088 downloads
Application DotNetAge starter kits for VS.NET 2012
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Release Notes

What's new?

Pluggable Module Framework

Use to create an extension project for DotNetAge. It’s the best way to create or migrate existing ASP.NET MVC projects to DotNetAge in a short time. The following list is the features of the pluggable module framework: The way of creating and developing extension project is similar with mvc. Migrate existing ASP.NET MVC projects with few changes.
  • The way of creating and developing extension project is similar with mvc.
  • Migrate existing ASP.NET MVC projects with few changes.
  • Support auto route mapping and custom routes.
  • Support DotNetAge events.
  • Support dashboard.
  • Support tasks and schedules.
  • Support Ioc.
  • Support embedded widgets.
  • Support embedded views.
  • Support embedded resource files such as .js, .css,.png and etc.

Embedded NoSQL Storage

DotNetAge 3.1 add a small and powerful NoSQL database that allow developers
  • Never need to create and maintain database.
  • Never need to learn O-R Mapping libraries (Say good bye to EF).
  • Never need to care about the data structures and working with objects directly (CURD).
  • Implement the interface to support other NoSQL storage such as Window Azure, MongoDB , StsDB , RavenDB and more.

New Web Event Mode

DotNetAge 3.1 upgraded the Event Monitoring service to new web event mode. It’s easy to trigger and handle an event in MVC application or class library. The following list is the benefits of using the new Web Event Mode:
  • Reduce coupling - Trigger event by name instead event object.
  • Thread safe - The event handler run in the same thread of the web request.
  • Easy to implement - Implement the ObserverBase class with few codes.
  • Easy to deploy - Copy the library that contains observer implements to DotNetAge runtime folder then DotNetAge can auto detect and execute the observers when event raised.

Task and Schedule

DotNetAge 3.1 provides a multi-threaded and time trigger task mechanism. Using the Task and Schedule mechanism developed automatic data backup, automated report generation and reporting, and regular inventory detection, regular mail features such as unattended background service functions. The features of the Task and Schedule.
  • Can be register in DotNetAge module.
  • Support OneTime trigger and Recurring trigger.
  • Build on Task Parallel Library (TPL).
  • Provides schedule management tools.
  • Thread safe.


  • Logger - Provides a log viewer and a global logger object and extendable log interface to support other log frameworks.
  • Business interfaces for contact conversion - Provides IOrganization, IPerson, IAddress interface to convert the Web, User and Profile for other application.
  • Enhance Syndication feeds to support Medias.
  • Enhance Dashboards Programmability.
  • Email Queue - Prevent emails from being sent too frequently identified as spam.


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